Useful Links
Consider delegating to Providers that support the ecosystem and the community. For starters being active on social media. You can have a look at for more information regarding different FTSO's.
Community-driven information hub for the Songbird & Flare Network. With information about NFT's, TSO providers, Terminology & more!
Wallet Delegate & More
SolidiFi wallet
The SolidiFi can hold your XRP, SGB & FLR. Delegate to TSO providers, monitor the Data Providers & much more!
Official website
Flare Networks
An EVM based Layer 1, Flare is built to enable open, decentralized and safe interoperability between blockchains and between blockchains and Web 2.
FIP.01 Simulator
Simulate your future with FIP.01 proposal. Use key metrics of the proposal or with your own predictions, allows you to see the effect on your account balance.
Flare Explorer
Blockchain explorer to find anything happening on the Flare Blockchain. You can use it to your advantage when knowing where to look, start now!
Flare Builders
A platform for information about the projects on the Flare Network. With its simple, intuitive interface, you can access the variety of projects. Built by FTSO AU.
Bifrost Wallet
Have full control over your crypto assets with your personal wallet, NFT gallery and Web3 browser all in one simple and secure app.
Delegating Voting
Flare Portal
Wrap, delegate, claim & vote all from the Flare Portal website. Simply connect your wallet and navigate through the portal to suit your needs.
TSO data
Live TSO data & metrics to stay informed on the latest performance of TSO providers. For both the Songbird & Flare Network, built by FTSO AU.
Address history
History dApp
User-friendly dApp to analyze transaction history for a specific account. You can analyze past activities, calculate fees and rewards or do some reporting.
Exports Transactions
Addy Transaction Explorer
Need your Songbird/Flare transactions in excel? Say no more, Addy Transaction explorer is here! Easily export your transaction history, built by FTSO EU.
FTSO Information
A platform maintained by the community to provide information from data providers about their services. Educate yourself before delegating to random FTSO's.